Blockchain & the football betting industry

Blockchain & the football betting industry

Blockchain interfere in all sectors of global economy and adapt to many situations. Nowadays, this technology is being used in Bitcoin online casinos. Players can place their bets using Bitcoins. It is truly a wonderful news for all gambling lovers.

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Bitcoin football betting. What is it?

Almost as long as there are sports, there is also sports betting. The sport that lends itself extremely well to betting is, of course, football. Betting on latest football fixtures is extremely popular around the world. You do see outliers when it comes to betting on football. In countries with some temperament and a culture in which football plays a prominent role, you can see a lot of people betting on football. Usually, they are men and often it happens in special betting offices. Nowadays, betting lovers can place their football bets online using Bitcoin! If that sounds interesting to you, you should definitely continue reading this article.


Blockchain & the football betting

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Bookmakers offer their bets online, but you often see betting on football combined with watching football in old-fashioned betting agencies. A kind of pub where you watch, drink and bet with friends during a football match. This sound beautiful, right? Betting on football, watching the match with friends, paying the bill for the beer and, of course, winning. The question: “What should I bet on?” Is not often asked by the football experts from these betting offices. Nowadays, you can place your football bets comfortably, staying at your home and using Bitcoins. You can also call your friends if you want.

What exactly is Bitcoin and why should I buy it?

Bitcoin is the global digital cash for the internet!
When you buy Bitcoins (BTC), you buy a unique, inalienable digital property within a decentralized, unbreakable and inaccessible network of equivalent participants. It represents an alternative and healthy financial system without systemic banks and central banks. Mankind has never had money without coins, kings or banks. Bitcoin achieves a new separation of powers: separation of the banking system, and separation from the government and its money. Bitcoin is an open global payment network with the bitcoins as a means of payment. You can freely trade bitcoins or use them as digital cash without censorship or restrictions by third parties. Nobody is the owner of this network. It achieves financial self-determination. You are completely master of your own bitcoins. After all, they are unique, rare movable goods in the blockchain that you are the undisputed owner of with a good Bitcoin wallet. Strange as it may sound, buying bitcoins in this sense is similar to buying virtual gold bars. Bitcoin imitates the effect of gold and may possibly function in the future as a better variant of the gold standard. If Bitcoin continues the positive technological development and further adoption, the introduction of a Bitcoin standard within a new globally reformed financial system cannot be ruled out.

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Football Bitcoin Betting is popular becauseā€¦

There is a large number of reasons why blockchain betting on football is so hugely popular. There is a lot of money in football itself, but also in football betting. Football can be followed everywhere (on TV, radio, internet, newspaper). There is always some football played somewhere. There are many big tournaments between clubs and between countries.

Many people are supporters and bet on their own club. Also, many people understand the football (or think they have knowledge of football).

Sports, including football, has an excellent opportunity to use this new technology and to be at the forefront of its future adoption. It can help provide better service and generate higher revenues. Blockchain technology must be presented to actors and spectators of the sports world as a technology that will not change their user experience, but that would keep their personal and financial data much more secure.

Blockchain technology provides a safer betting system. These bets are legitimate, which can only be good, for the gaming companies and the sports betting industry. More bets can be made, which are more likely to be legal bets.

How can you win?

Conceivably even more remarkable than the “how bet on football”, is the question “how can you win with football betting”? The nice thing about betting on football is that you yourself have an influence on the results of your bets. You determine your commitment and with the right mix of odds and football knowledge, you can possibly win a large amount of money. How? Just gain more and more football knowledge and use it during your betting session.

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Where can you bet on football matches?

As like on every other sport, you can also bet on football. You can bet on football with multiple providers. In Las Vegas on the Strip club, at the bookmakers around the corner, in a Turkish or Italian gambling house or just online.

The online football betting and blockchain sports betting is becoming increasingly popular. You do not make mistakes with wrong crosses, filled-in numbers outside the boxes lost betting sheets or anything else. You can also see what happens to your bet. Everything happens real-time insight during and after the competition. To pay your winnings, you do not have to go to the betting office, but simply request a payment of your winnings and enjoy almost instant cash.

Types of bets

Predicting the winner is the basic bet. In addition, a huge number of bets are possible. You can combine multiple bets with each other. You can then multiply the quotes with each other and your possible winnings will be higher, but the chance that a match is not well predicted will also increase as you bet on more matches.

You can also bet on a score. You can bet on a final score, but you can also bet on an intermediate position. You can bet on goal scorers, you can bet on an assist, you can bet on how many yellow cards fall or bet how many red cards will be dealt.

You place all these bets before your match starts (which is also possible during the game, but the race course ensures that the odds change naturally).

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Live football betting

You will experience extra excitement by betting live on football. During a competition you will focus on all sorts of events and incidents.

For example, you can bet during the match on which team gets the first yellow card or even on which player makes the next foul. You can bet on how many goals will be made between the 15th and 30th minute. You can bet on which team to score first or you can bet on whether or not the ball goes out in the 37th minute. The most bizarre bets are during the game dealing with sometimes huge odds.

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A red card does not fall every game and if you also bet on a red card in a specific minute, then you have to be very lucky, if this bet also comes true. Live betting adds a bit to watching the game, but it also ensures that you are looking at something completely different.

For example, you do not hope for a nice goal, but you hope that the left for the ball through the defender kick the line, because you have bet on a corner as the next competition event …!

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