Popular Crypto Exchange – “OKX”, Alleged of scam Operation

Ice OKX issue

The second largest exchange,OKX,with over $10 billion liquidity in trading volume ,has been trolled for been deceptive in their operation. Amidst  their recent global development, gaining a regulatory approval in Dubai and monthly proof of reserves ,OKX faces a saga, questioning it’s transparency and fairness The accusers to this claim is the lastest token network […]

Pastor faces legal actions for defrauding members with fake crypto coin.

Crypto fraud

The pastor of the victorious grace church in Colorado ,Pastor Eligio “Eli” Regalado and his wife, Kaitlyn,are in the face of judgment over an allege of defrauding members with fake crypto token. These members were been leverage upon in believing that the crypto token is from God and it’s success is guaranteed by Him . […]

Evidence Vitrocoin Big Scam – Why Vitrocoin may never be real

Vitrocoin Scam Evidence

Evidence Vitrocoin Big Scam This article will show you practical evidence why Vitrocoin Big Scam is read If you read my previous articles which are 1. VitroCoin Scam Alert – ICO SCAM ALERT DONT BUY 2. VITROCOIN – Rising Cryptocurrency that can make you a Billionaire 3. Vitro Coin Hits $40 – Join the cryptocurrency revolution […]