VitroCoin Scam Alert – ICO SCAM ALERT DONT BUY

VitroCoin Scam Alert

VitroCoin is a Huge Scam Don’t ever Buy it Agin till its resolved

WHAT IS VITROCOIN? VitroCoin Scam Alert

They’re also using the VTC ticker which was already used by Vertcoin for over 4 years. Presumably to confuse people into buying the coin.

Is it any problem cause I joined with an account and it was no email verification

retupmoc70 2 points 2 days ago
The “Team members” they included also confirmed on FB they are not part of the project.

Spelling mistakes on the WP, domain registered a few weeks ago, said they only have 27m coins but the dashboard said they’re selling 300m during the ICO.


Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin Cash(BCH)

Have a “Price of VTC” chart that is complete BS as the coin is not tradeable and therefore cannot have an increased price.
[–]Etang600 1 point 2 days ago
They’re also using the VTC ticker, which is Vertcoin .

[–]Alien_New_Troll 2 points 17 hours ago
it looks like the website of vitrocoin is down

[–]kholio11 1 point 1 day ago
I also think #Vitrocoin is a scam ICO

[–]cuneytewrares 1 point 10 hours ago
Certainly it is scam. Its web script like a basic HTML seems WordPress.

[–]savealll 0 points 1 day ago
It’s not a scam, what your fact and bitshare should stop creating FUD to a decentralized currency like Vitrocoin,

[–]bitcoincj 1 point 1 day ago
Can you tell me how it’s not a scam? Post info proving it’s not because VTC is Vertcoin. Also when asked about the 3 letter abbreviation I have yet to get a reply and that was over 3 days ago

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[–]billz122 0 points 1 day ago
please make your findings before posting this nonsense here to mislead people. you most be a dick help for post this crab about Vitrocoin here. this rubbish should be removed from reddit

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there is a scam ICO coming up called #VitroCoin they list #bitshares people as partners, but they are NOT involved. Vitrocoin is a total scam, do not invest.
VitroCoin is a free open source software project that is built using blockchain technology, VitroCoin have decentralized mining by adopting a PoW algorithm.
VitroCoin have implemented full replay protection and unique wallet addresses, VitroCoin protects users and their coins from several kind of accidental and malicious threats.
VitroCoin offer zero transaction fee, swift transaction within micro-seconds. With high-rate of demand, VitroCoin could be traded above $200 per coin by the end of 2018.
Take full advantage of this rare opportunity by investing in Vitrcoin and Be part of our story.

VITROCOIN – Rising Cryptocurrency


Its very simple , follow the link and register. Just add your name email and password don’t change anything.

You will be given free 100 coins which is worth $22, but this coin is still in ICO offering, ICO is like the initial Coin Sale, where its sold to people very cheap, this will be the main stake holders of the coin, including you who just registered. VitroCoin Scam Alert

Now in February 2018, the ICO will end, then you can’t buy the coin for some time, after wards, trading will be opened, at this point the price will start growing as the coin will start changing hands and it becomes more expensive.

You will be able to sell your coins for real money! But don’t sale yet, wait for it to be expensive, eg when 1 Coin is $100 if you are a wiser man you can leave it when 1 coin reach like $10,000 just like Bitcoin, but of you can’t wait you can sale half when u feel its expensive and leave the other half for some years.

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VITROCOIN – Rising Cryptocurrency VitroCoin Scam Alert

At this point you sale and male billions just like those who bought bitcoins awoof back in 2009, you can see it took time to reach $17,000 to 1bitcoin this month beginning.
VitroCoin blockchain is based on Graphene and BitShares technology stack. That’s one of the most powerful blockchains: 100,000 transactions per second and 0.02 USD per transaction. The dPoS (delegated proof of stake) consensus is used for effective decentralized governance.
December 2017
Initial coin offering
We start selling 3 millions VitroCoins (VTC). There is a total of 27 millions VTC can be mined. We will also release Mac/Windows wallet software.

February 2018 VitroCoin Scam Alert
Target price: $20
Vitrcoin will be listed on and

March 2018 – VITROCOIN – Rising Cryptocurrency
Release internal exchange
Target price: 40$. We will release an internal exchange that allow you to trade VTC easily.

April 2018 – VITROCOIN – Rising Cryptocurrency
Grow our community
We will focus on building a strong community, which will make VTC price go higher. Mobile wallets for iOS and Android will also be released.

OPPORTUNITIES – VITROCOIN – Rising Cryptocurrency

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Earn an impressive interest rate by lending VitroCoin coin. We pay interest daily.

With a total supply of only 27 millions coin, VTC price has a very high possibility to go up to Bitcoin price.

Exchange – VITROCOIN – Rising Cryptocurrency
VitroCoin coin can be bought and sold on several large exchanges VitroCoin Scam Alert

Updated: August 14, 2018 — 11:49 pm


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  1. Please which exchange can i sell Vitrocoin?


  2. hi, hello, I would like to ask before I put all 100 VIC coin payment transaction BTC’s how the conversion it?
    Why no news?

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