Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency Market

What do I know about cryptocurrency market?

Woow! This topic is Broad, time will not permit details. For me, cryptocurrency market is a financial system that has come to stay, whether government accepts or leave it, whether panickers, rumor mongers, and non-investors agree now or not, crypto is a financial system that has come to solve Man’s problems. I may not be a big personality to give a big recommendation, one thing is sure of is my keen followership of cryptocurency. I am a small but enthusiastic investor. I follow the news and I see life in cryptocurrency markets.

cryptocurrency trading
Cryptocurrency Market

Despite the volatility of the currency, it still holds great value, what is this value?

1. Cryptocurrency breaks the barriers of Geographical limitations to financial transaction
2. Cryptocurrency saves TIME, yes the time we would have to spend queuing at the bank to send money, with a smart device on our palm we should seal the deal as soon as possible

3. Cryptocurrency gives everyone an opportunity to be someone in life. Yes, a little computer geek in a small remote village like some part of Nigeria cold key into the financial dream, while others are mocking and saying negative, he makes an investment and HOLDS, in few years or even months he make a huge fortune, that’s just an example of numerous opportunities that exist for everyone in the cryptocurrency world.

In today’s world, the cryptocurrency markets tend to take huge leads, I mean, the price of bitcoin climb from below $1,000 December 2016, to nearly $20,000 December 2017 on the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI).

if you ask me about cryptocurrency markets I will say it is a huge market. its also have a lot of room to make up, and I believe very soon, the MLM will break in a 70% Cryptocurrency financial revolution with all financial system joining in.

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What methods did you use to build up your team?

Social Media and word of Mouth, we tried that during the MMM in Nigeria, Built a theam , printed Shirts, Organized seminar for students in campuses, Churches and organizations, helping them realize there is No need to panic with Mavro.

For the social media, we always use our accounts to reach out, encourage others to share the goodwill of Mavro, and we also teach them to invite family members.

We try to Kill Panic, Panic is the worst Careworn in an MLM, when no one sales off investment due to panic, then the system thrives.

We also built trust in our community by sharing success stories. We believe seeing is believing. Our testimony will go a long way in Mavro Coin as a well.

My experience in acquiring crypto and taking part in ICO projects

Yes to be precise. I always follow the news, i try to study as much as I could on tending ICO, though it has been difficult point out REAL ICO coins, it has always been a thing of joy knowing with my little impute, I own some stocks of New coins no matter how little i own.

I will be candid, I have no BIG financial investments in ICO, but I have to my best ability been in the system with some little holdings, which I believe will one day pay me off.

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My experience with taking part in ICO project has also seen a negative part where you invest and it turns out that this was actually no real project. However such circumstances have been minimal as careful research is conducted before diving into any ICO.

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The moment I came across Mavro Coin, and i remembered Mavrodi, i knew this was a huge opportunity to be part of Maro coin Holders, and rule the crypto world among the elites.



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