ECP Coin News – distribute reward 100 members

Hello ECP members

Good morning to everyone. ECP Coin News – distribute reward 100 members

Today we want to share our view to our valuable members.

As we see in different groups and social sites, most of ecp family members are wanting to listing in exchange as soon as possible. But all ecp family members are must understand few things.

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Bitcoin Cash(BCH)
ECP Coin News - distribute reward 100 members

ECP Coin News – distribute reward 100 members

1. Duplicate account- we finally get the solution to handle those members who have the duplicate Id. From now all free duplicate account holders will not get any tokens.
2. Before listing in exchange, we have to think about the buyer. We thankfull few members will start some project, with this project new buyers will be come in exchange.
3.May be it will takes some time but we hit the exchange very soon. May be it’s bit2ex or any other exchnage.
Because we also contact to other exchange for listing.
4.whatever we do its good for all ecp family members. So be calm and wait for the best .

Have a good day to all our ecp family members.


Hello ECP members
We want to share a good news .

At last we get some confirmation from second exchange. In 10-15 days ECP will going to launch in exchange.

Happy day to all

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ECP Coin News – distribute reward 100 members

Hello ECP members

Very soon all your forum tokens will be convert into available token.

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We start to distribute reward 100 members ( 3000 to 100000)

Updated: December 19, 2018 — 3:02 am

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