ECP Coin not able to withdraw due to wrong wallet

ECP Coin not able to withdraw due to wrong wallet

Hello ECP members

As per our group leader and his team request to take first action in 2nd target mention last notice. 3000 Ecp Available token Here

How to withdraw ECP to erc20 Wallet Guide

How to withdraw ECP to erc20 Wallet Guide

Now chek those are not able to withdraw due to target:wrong wallet no. ..their withdraw balance is has come.

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At last the day exchange…Today we going to announce the exchange name.

Now in few moments were withdrawing, we start the process of reward programme.every day limited process will be done. So make celebrate ..only 5k members .. lucky to get 3000 target. token.

Our next target:- ECP block 500 fake accounts

1. In few days we start convert – forum token to Available Token…

2. After complete 1st target- we start our 2nd target.
Those members were withdrawing but not yet get in their wallet. that withdraw will be , in their dashboard.

3. 3rd target will be obviously active the withdraw button. ECP publish the exchange Thursday 6th December 2018


Hello ECP members

From now forum will be close. So from now forum is not available for collect new ecp token.
The main reason is lack of participation of members in the forum ECP closed the forum.

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Updated: December 19, 2018 — 3:21 am

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