ECP create a discussion forum

ECP create a discussion forum

Hello ECP members.
Good day everybody.

Notice: ECP create a discussion forum

ECP token FAQ

ECP Exchange on Link to ECP contract source code

1. Market value is depend on supply and demand.
2. Low supply and high demand will increase any coin value.
3. ERC20 tokens are pre mined token. So we do not need to mine.
4. ECP tokens divided in 3 category.
Availabe token – Free token- Forum token
5. Available Token – is withdrawable. Now min.3000 up to 10000 token.

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After launching in exchange, 30 days locking period. After that all available tokens will be withdrawable ( no restrictions).
6. Free token- need to claim ( claiming is like mining). Everyday you claim and everyday some tokens will come in the market.
7.Forum token – ECP create a discussion forum where all members will do the discussion and also earn ECP token. This forum token will be convert to free token every month on 10th.
8. Our few valuable members will start some project like mlm . Doubler. Lottery. Faucet .etc. This project will be help ECP to reach more peoples. And have a regular demand of ECP.
9. ECP appreciate those members will start these projects, ECP will reward them . ( total reward value = 1billion ECP tokens).

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Updated: December 19, 2018 — 1:57 am

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