ECP give withdraw request limitation

Hello ECP members

Many members are playing and not serious for the withdraw process.

ECP members withdraw request limitation according to their account balance. But it’s not mean ..if some body have 600k tokens as available token ..they will request maximum token every time…But they now withdraw only 200 tokens on every withdraw… ECP going to warn them ..if those members are not change their way of thinking..ECP will ban their account permanently.


Ethereumcashpro ECP coin listed

ECP publish the exchange Thursday 6th December 2018

ECP decide tomorrow ECP cancel all withdrawal the request

So all withdraw amount will be reverse back to your wallet.

After that again you all give your withdraw request.


1. If your balance is more than minimum limit…And lower than maximum limit…Then kindly withdraw all your available tokens at a time in single withdraw request.

2. If your balance is more than maximum withdraw limit .than kindly withdraw maximum limit.

After request check what is your available token balance and see the rules ..request according to rules.

This time doesn’t break rules .. otherwise ..ECP will Blacklist those ids.

This time withdraw limit.
Minimum withdraw limit.- 100 available tokens
Maximum withdraw limit – 500k available tokens


Have a good day.


ECP start again the reward programme. So kindly this time follow the rules.

For reward..3000 available tokens

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Follow these two rules and get 3000 rewards.

ECP first release 3000 rewards than start the withdraw process.

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Updated: December 31, 2018 — 1:25 am

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