Highlights From Miami Blockchain Conference 2018

Highlights From Miami Blockchain Conference 2018

Summary of What happened at the Miami Blockchain Conference 2018 by Nick Johnson

This past week, we attended the Miami Blockchain Conference,
with over 6,000 people in attendance.

Highlights From Miami Blockchain Conference 2018

There was strong enthusiasm and determination from some
of the smartest people looking to revolutionize our world with blockchain technology.

We saw everything from tokens backed by electricity to companies
that are going to tokenize publicly-traded shares.

Imagine a world where the banks and Wall Street can’t
commit an endless amount of fraud.

Take the shorting of shares, for example.


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Bitcoin Cash(BCH)

Everyone knows that these brokerage houses double and triple short,
yet nothing is done about it.

Well, if it’s on an open source ledger, they won’t be able to do that anymore.

We could actually have more orderly markets, with a lot less fraud.


Highlights From Miami Blockchain Conference 2018

The blockchain won’t fix everything, but it can certainly put an end to
much of the daily fraud that goes on because we are all forced to
have these middlemen institutions involved in every single
financial transaction humanity makes.

I left Miami in good spirit because I see that this crypto revolution
is unstoppable.

I also left depressed because many of the sociopaths in the government are
starting to make their way into the blockchain world, with actual cryptocurrency
supporters advocating for SEC regulations and guidance from the central banks
and the Internal Revenue Service.

It’s depressing because I personally don’t want to see the cryptocurrency
revolution attempt to fit into the current financial system.

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Instead, I want it to eat the current system.

I want it to destroy it and pave the way for a more peaceful and prosperous
future for the entire world.

We have no doubt that the dollar as we know it is going away – that much is certain.

The next decade will see the fall of a reserve currency. Highlights From Miami Blockchain Conference 2018


What will replace it and rise up to take its place is still unknown.

Judging by the appetite for gold by the Chinese and Russians, many may have been expecting a
monetary system tied to our past…

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I personally think what Bitcoin and the blockchain offer is an entirely new financial system.

It is possible that we are seeing the rise of a new reserve currency right now.

The Bitcoin space is seeing one million new users per day!

And this is being adopted globally.

It isn’t a single country fad – this is the global adoption of cryptocurrency.

Stay long on Bitcoin!

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Best Regards,
Nick Johnson

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