Packing List for Travelling Light

Packing List for Travelling Light

Do you need tips for packing light when traveling? Then read this

Packing List for Travelling Light is something every traveler should desire to know. This in itself gives you more advantage on your journey! In as much as you would like to have a fair trip, then it is important you don’t overload your bags with junks. This in return can cause you a displeasing journey.

Packing List for Travelling Light

I would like to walk you through some tips every traveler needs to know, then we would give you a packing list. Before you make any traveling list it is very important you note the following:

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The intention of traveling: This is very important you need to consider the intent of your journey, why are you traveling? This completely shapes your items which you may need for your travels. You may be traveling for tourism, school purpose, job, sport, business meetings, holidays or festivity.

Secondly, time Duration: You need to ask yourself how long you will be staying away! The time duration of your travel will help you select the right items which are of most importance while you are away. If you are traveling let us take for instance Flights from Lagos to New York, you wouldn’t like to leave or forget any important item as this will cost you for such mistake. So if you are to make a packing list, you will consider the duration of travel. Off course short time travels will require a smaller packing list, compared to travels which you would be spending a week, month and a year.

The scale of preference: Packing List for Travelling Light requires you to definitely apply the scale of preference. Darling you cant take everything you like if you must pack light for Air Travel, you must pack only very important items.Items that can be purchased at travel destinations should not count among your list. Skipp them and buy them when you get to your destination. Pick only items you are likely never to get when you arrive, most of these are best known to you based on the intention of your journey.

How do I pack light?

Good question. After understanding the basics as highlighted above, you may ask, after selecting items most important for your travel, how do you now arrange, fold and roll your clothes or whatever it is you packing. Highlighted below are some useful tips to pack, and items to pack.

  • Always put heavier items first at the bottom of your suitcase
  • Always bring flip-flops—hands down the most useful shoes
  • Pick a nice pair of sneakers since it goes with a variety of pants and shorts, comfortable enough to wear around the city

Packing List for Snowy Cities

Earlier, we talked about considering your travel destination. It will be so wrong traveling to polar cities, and you forget a pair of a hoodie! polar climates, as the name implies, are found mainly around the north and south poles in regions such as Greenland, Northern Siberia, and Antarctica.

These regions are often covered with snow and ice, with the temperature rarely getting above freezing. Sometimes you need something you can wear on your back when dealing with train stalls and snow or water on the ground.

Packing List for Travelling Light

There are some other items you need to remember, this will also flow in a variety of occasions while away. This may be different from individual, but let’s highlight them so that you can make a selection.

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  1. Always pack a swimsuit, especially if you are going for vacations. You might need one and it takes up so little room.
  2. Bring a bathing suit, I have traveled to different parts of the continent, and it feels very comfortable having this in my luggage.
  3. Pick a pair of flip-flops, black yoga pants, and a large pashmina-type scarf (drape over your shoulders if it is chilly
  4. For charging your gadgets such as phones, laptops, tabs etc, pick USB charge ports, which eliminates the need for extra plugs and chargers. USB port serves multiple devices. This is light and makes you feel secure from running out of battery
  5. Only take a camera if that is really necessary. It feels great we now have amazing smartphones which take amazing pictures. cameras may be unnecessary, so use your phones to take amazing pictures, upload them online immediately to save storage space for next outing.

Final Words!

Never forget, as much as you would like to enjoy the luxury of your journey, always remember it is important to pack light. Keep in mind the reason for your journey, list things which are important to the success of your journey, and eliminate those which have alternatives, Avere un viaggio sicuro! Turvallista matkaa!

Updated: April 23, 2018 — 4:42 pm

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