PECUNIO COIN- And Multiversum signed a strategic investment partnership


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New Updates from PECUNIO Coin:

PECUNIO and Multiversum signed a strategic investment partnership to foster synergies and combine the innovational power of both companies. Multiversum is a one of its kind blockchain ecosystem providing unmatched security standards and scalability.
Pecunio Coin
Here are the key facts of the project that creates the blockchain 4.0:

A brand new blockchain which features different types of data, related in a
multidimensional structure.
Resource optimization among nodes because of chain severabilityTRANSACTION SPEED
Funds are transferred in 0.2 seconds from one wallet to another.

Cutting edge security in access and fund transfers with biometric
verification and multicurrency support.

A Multiversum transaction will have trifling cost and next to zero
environmental footprint.
The possibility to roll back a token transaction that has been falsely made and re-accreditation to the initial sender’s wallet.
The team of Multiversum has gathered
large experience in complex data processing and system development from big
corporate institutions like oracle corporation or KBC bank.Furthermore they just recently signed a partnership agreement with
Hyperchain Capital that will propose their technology to governments and
institutions, between Dubai and Middle-east.
We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership and the further
development of Multiversum and their amazing project.

Pecunio coin is like any other cryptocurrency coin our there with real value which can be traded for real money. Pacino Coin is founded by my Reinhard Berger, who currently sits as the CEO of PECUNIO

So far,  ICO concluded, and PECUNIO COIN sold and exchange tokens worth $Million which makes them record a good degree of successful blockchain projects of 2018.

However, time doesn’t stand still and there are plenty of tasks to fulfill after an ICO. This email is to inform you about the most recent developments and progress within PECUNIO. This includes hot topics like KYC verification, recently formed partnerships


Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin Cash(BCH)
Pecunio Coin

Pecunio Coin Funders Reinhard Berger

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See also  PECUNIO GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

What is the current progress Pecunio Exchange 

1. KYC verification

KYC/AML verifications are one of the most important procedures for a
company. It can either make or break a good project. Poorly executed
verification processes pose a major risk for even a best-in-class
Blockchain project.

PECUNIO is known for its accuracy and its extensive efforts to meet the
state-of-the-art standards and regulations, both UAE and international.
Thus we have experienced some delays in our KYC process for making it
compatible with GDPR (generell data protection regulation)

Those delays and hurdles have been sorted out and I’m glad to announce that
we could finalise Tier 1 verifications for our contributors by today.

Tier 2 verification, will be finalised by end of this week as well.

2. KYC for Airdrop and Bounty

Because of massive and unexpected volume of token claims, further
verification for bonuses, airdrops etc. will be done in consecutive batches
and will take some weeks to verify and confirm.
You will be notified via e-mail as soon as your KYC application has been
successfully completed.

3. PECUNIO COIN Exchanges

Every crypto project profits from being listed on exchanges, both in terms
of visibility and overall liquidity. For several reasons our team decided
to seek for several listings concurrently, preventing token concentration
and preserving our company’s working capital.

Pecunio Coin team have a range of trusted and liquid exchanges for distribution and
initial trading of our tokens. After a successful launch, Pecunio Coin will constantly
add further exchanges, thus increasing volume and distribution of tokens.

Pecunio Coin official Logo

Pecunio Exchange Sites 

The Pecunio Coin has been partnered with the following Crypto Exchanges. More cryptocurency exchanges wil be added as time fles around.

See also  PECUNIO GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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4. Pecunio Coin Partnerships arrangements

During the end and especially in the time after the ICO most of our time
and dedication went into strategic development, strengthening ties in the
blockchain industry.

Pecunio partnered up with the following projects: is a next generation financial institution based on blockchain
technology, providing the ultimate in security and transparency. Both
platforms aim at enhancing the experience of blockchain investing with high
end tech and revolutionary assets.

Bancor Pecunio integrates the Bancor Protocol to provide even higher
liquidity to investors and platform users. PCO token holders will gain
access to continuous liquidity regardless of trade volume or exchange
listings, via the use of the Bancor protocol. The tokens can be
automatically converted to any other token integrated with the Bancor

Welltrado connects more than 4500 P2P lending platforms into one seamless
network, powered by blockchain technology. The platform uses AI and Big
Data to minimise investment risk and save time while still delivering
profitable returns (4–35%). Just recently Welltrado was awarded both jury
and audience awards on the d10 conference, the biggest ICO pitch

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exchange rate an excellent multi-trade interface powered with AI (Augmented
Intelligence), engaged in a strategic investment partnership with Pecunio.
XchangerateRobot presents a solution, based on an intelligent algorithm
that helps traders profitably navigate the complex cryptocurrency market in
one convenient platform.

Sharpay creates an innovational multi-sharing button for websites and
social media, connected to a token reward system that rewards users
whenever they share content. With their slogan “sharing is the new mining”
and a working MVP, they revolutionize the way of content promotion and are
one of the highest rated ICOs in the space.

See also  Pecunio Investment Partnership with Bitnautic will keep checking the progress of the Pecunio Coin and update everything on this page so kindly subscribe via email subscription.

Updated: May 17, 2018 — 9:14 am

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