Step by step how to withdraw ECP to erc20 Wallet –

Step by step how to withdraw ECP to erc20 Wallet


ECP Withdraw Tokens Live Max. 10000 Tokens STEP BY STEP GUIDE 


It’s very easy to have a erc20 support account, make sure you use a computer to do this private computer, use Chrome and visit


How to withdraw ECP to erc20 Wallet Guide

  • Enter ECP TOKEN amount to withdraw into erc20 wallet as  9999 Don’t enter 10,000 Which is the Max Yet so enter 9999  ECP under the amount


Enter number of tokens to withdraw enter 9999 ECP

Enter number of tokens to withdraw enter 9999 ECP


  • Now is time to enter your erc20 Wallet
  • Click Withdraw Tokens
  • Wait to get your Tokens soon


Is it compulsory to move ecp free tokens?

Move ECP Free Tokens to Available Tokens – First 24 hours 100 USD

Bit2Ex Exchange API Documentation

ECP Live On Bit2Ex Exchange

ECP token address Etherscan- EthereumcashPro

EthereumCashPro ECP Facebook Page Removed By Facebook – USe Twitter and Telegram

Minimum 3000 Withdraw ECP Exchange

Step by step how to withdraw ECP to erc20 Wallet –

ECP will be launch in Bit2ex + Move Free Tokens To Available Token




Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin Cash(BCH)

Step by step guide how to create erc20 Account to withdraw ECP Coins


You can create ERC20 Enabled Ether Wallet by following this guide and Video


This step is very simple, simply use Chrome browser and install the extension

1- Visit create the account

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Brings Ethereum to your browser This is what you will use toinstall the extension on your brower. simple follow the steps on and add extension on browser. I will shw you how to proceeed but its very important you read About MetaMask below.
MetaMask is a bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. It allows you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node.

MetaMask includes a secure identity vault, providing a user interface to manage your identities on different sites and sign blockchain transactions

For this tutorial for withdrawing Ethereumcashpro ECP coins to MetaMask, You can install the MetaMask add-on in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and the new Brave browser. But for me I advice use Chrome and its Chrome i will use for this tutorials


After you are done watching time to proceed

Step 2 – Add MetaMask Chrome  Extension Click Here This will automatically start installing in Chrome Browser PC



MetaMask added to Chrome

MetaMask added to Chrome


Step 3 Setting Up MetaMask ERC20 Token Wallet


Now Click on the Icon at top right corner where Metamask Extension appears and follow instructions to Open new Account


Step 4 Complete Account Creation

All instructions will be provided Open a Folder on a computer and use this to Screen Shut Every Backup information provided eg recovery Text and every other information. Save this on a computer and never lose it

Backing up the exact see phrase will help you recover account in case you forget password one day but be warned, ensure you don’t allow anyone sees this, this backup must be safe if you are careless sorry for you

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Backup MetaMask Acount Phrase on Notepad and email

Backup MetaMask Account Phrase on Notepad and email

Finally, accept all terms and conditions and you are set  to generate ETH WALLET


Don’t forget to screenshot backups while creating this accounts and never lose your logins.

From your dashboard, you can create as many ETH Token wallet as possible.


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create as many ETH Token wallet on MetaMask ERC20 wallet

create as many ETH Token wallet on MetaMask ERC20 wallet


Simply copy your address and use to collect your 10,000 ECP coins and wait


MetaMask ERC wallet Address

MetaMask ERC wallet Address


I wrote this tutorial after i have created my Metamask Address so I was unable to screenshot the Seed  Phase but will show you how i backup

my details in my computer

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NEXT  – I will post how to open WALLET ON




Updated: October 19, 2018 — 12:44 pm


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  1. That free tokens will moved or not if i didnt buy from So whats the point company gave us free tokens still not available, need to buy to make it available? If i dont have money to buy that free tokens will remain not available?

  2. Can I withdraw my free tokens that still not moved to available tokens sir?

    1. No you cannot withdraw free token until they are moved to Available tokens. ECP says if you don’t have available tokens you will have to buy on the exchange which is not available yet as we are waiting for to lauch maybe in next 10 days we dont know but soon then you can buy from the exchange. Keep following our website and subcribe wit email to get updates on latest

      1. What for that free tokens if i need to buy from xchange?Why there is no online support from ECP? to whom we can contact? When that free will b available? Is this a scam site?

        1. hahaha lozz Honestly we still don’t understand these guys it’s like initially, they wanted to scam but when the project made so much money they change and and are now working to make it a real project. they are delaying al these because they still hide identity in case later investors lose money they cannot be traced. We all watch and see what happen in next 30 days

  3. Wich address to send ecp coin & where showing ecp coin & where treade buy & sell coin

  4. How can i transfer free tokens to available tokens? Am a free member.tq

    1. The problem is not because you are free member, the issues here is that if you are free or paid and dont have any Tokens on Available tokens then you cannot withdrw but if you hve any Tokens above 3000 ECP Tokens then you can withdraw to ERC20 Wallet read that here

  5. How can i make my free tokens to available tokens. Am a free member.

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