Top Trending Bitcoin News this week

Top Trending Bitcoin News

Here are the Top Trending Bitcoin News


1. Top Trending Bitcoin News Malta: The world’s second largest crypto exchange, Binance, is backing plans to create a blockchain-based bank with tokenized ownership.

2. Top Trending Bitcoin News Ripple employs Facebook’s former Global Director of Financial Services Payment Partnerships to develop global payment systems.


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trending bitcoin news

3. Top Trending Bitcoin News India is not going to put a blanket ban on digital currencies, but rather treat them as commodities, an anonymous source in the government said.

4. Top Trending Bitcoin News U.S. SEC among participants in new government anti-crime task force to fight digital currency fraud, among other types.

5. Top Trending Bitcoin News Kaspersky Lab’s security experts have found that cyber criminals were able to steal more than 21,000 in Ethereum (ETH) (worth around $10 million) through social engineering schemes over the past year.
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10 Cities Leading Bitcoin Adoption

San Francisco, US. Not surprisingly, California’s tech Mecca figures a prominent role in our list. …
Vancouver, Canada.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Tel Aviv, Israel.
Zurich, Switzerland.
Tampa, US.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Updated: July 13, 2018 — 4:12 pm


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