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ECP CoinEx Exchange

ECP Started working on listing ECP on CoinEx Exchange 

Good news to all Ethereumcashpro investors, as ECP has been working round the clock to ensure that the Crypto Coin ECP is listed on a real exchange. Enought of months of speculation to see if the new technology coin that lains to bring innovation into the system. Efforts are gradually yelding result as ICO for ECP has come to an end. Earleir we wrote several articles regarding the progress you might want to read

  1. Sale Your Ethereum Cash Pro Coin
  2. Steps to claim your ECP free tokens.
  3. ECP Twitter Follow updates
  4. ECP Twitter Follow updates

  5. Where to trade Ethereumcashpro ECP

  6. When can I sale my Ethereum CashPro ECP?

  7. Latest Update Ethereumcashpro

  8. Ethereum Cash Pro ico pre-launching


Our next goal is to list ECP token to exchanges. We are working hard to list token on exchanges. We are already talking to many exchanges and we need your help to list token on really good and popular exchanges.

We have started applying for good exchanges and now ECP is ready to vote on 1st exchange.

 ECP CoinEx Exchange



CoinEx is really good and user-friendly website founded in December 2017, CoinEx is a global and professional digital coin exchange service provider. At CoinEx accounts get created in minutes and approved very fast.  ECP CoinEx Exchange

How to vote for ECP on CoinEx

#1 Goto
#2 Click on Sign up from top right corner
#3 Fill-out form and create your account at CoinEx
#4 Get your account verified.
#5 Go here once your account is verified and cast your vote.
#6 CoinEx vote link :
#7 Once you done with vote do not forget to share vote project link with your friends and on social media.
#8 Always give love to ECP 🙂

We all need to work hard to make ECP extremely successful.

ECP Announcement 30/7/2018

ECP Announcement 30/7/2018

Dear ECP members we are very please to announcements below about improvements / visions / launch date / account security and much more  ECP CoinEx Exchange


Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin Cash(BCH)

Communication Method:
We will only communicate via Telegram, Facebook, dashboard popup and Twitter. Due to huge members database we are dropping email as communication method.

Launch on exchanges:
We are glad to inform that we will be launching ECP token on exchanges on 25th of August.

ECP token interest:

ECP team loves its valuable members, so we have created monthly interest plan. ECP will give 5% interest to all ECP members every month on their available tokens once we launch on exchanges. For example let say you have 10,000 available tokens into your backoffice, if you keep ECP on your backoffice account and do not sell on exchanges you will get 5% interest on available 10,000 tokens on backoffice account which is 500 tokens. On next month if you withdraw 5000 token so next months interest will be 5% on 5000 tokens which will be 250 tokens. This interest will only available for token purchase from ICO which are inside your back office and not from exchanges.

Upcoming ECP Coin

We are currently working on ECP coin and expected date to launch be mid September 2018. This will be use for ECP Payment Gateway, ECP Debit Card and many other technology. ECP ICO token holders will get equal amount of ECP coin. For example when we launch ECP coin and at that time if you will have 10,000 token on your back office your account will receive 10,000 ECP coins.  ECP CoinEx Exchange

ECP Account Security:
For security of your account we have added 2 factor login feature. You can enable or disable that feature from your account back office.

ECP New Website Design:

We have created new website design with more information and has updated details about ECP. Do not forget to check new ECP website.

ECP Move Combo Offer:
Don not want to spend too much time for claiming your free token to paid ? Just pay 19.99 usd one time and move all your free tokens to available tokens plus get 2000 tokens free to available tokens. This offer is for limited time only.

ECP Total Supply:
We are changing ECP total supply from 100 Billion to just 15 Billion, You can hope high exchange value for this change.

Difference between – ECP free members & paid ECP members

paid members                                                            free members

1           join                                         free join                                                                       min. 10$

2.           forum                                       no                                                                                    yes

3.         income from forum   (personal)     0                                                                                      1200 tokens

4          income from forum ( affilate )         0                                                                                      unlimited tokens

5.         available tokens release              2nd  priority                                                                        1st priority

ECP CoinEx Exchange

ECP Notilfication  ECP CoinEx Exchange

ECP forum is for only discussion and sharing your ideas with others ECP forum ECP members will able to make good income from ECP forum.


  • Per new “thread or topic “post value- 2 ECP token.
  • Per new “reply on post “value- 1 ECP token.
  • Daily you able to create “5” new thread / topic in different category.
  • Daily you able to create “30” reply on post in different category.
  • Every month on 10th your forum balance transfer to your dashboard “free token “balance.
  • Affiliate commission -7th level. Every month 10th your affiliate commission transfer to your dashboard “free token “balance.  ECP CoinEx Exchange




Daily 5 new thread create in different section @ 2 ECP token = 10 ECP token

Daily 30 reply on post in different category @ 1 ECP token = 30 ECP token

Daily income = 40 ECP token

Monthly income = 1200 ECP token ( 40 ECP tokens * 30 days )




You earn per month 1200 ECP token.

And you refer only 10 people in your downline. They also earn same amount of token from forum. Lets calculate only three level & see how much ECP token you will generate in a month.

You = 1200 ECP

Level        refer                   pm generate      total generate                   comm.                  Your income

1st               10                       * 1,200  ECP        12,000  ECP                           50%                        6,000 ECP

2nd             100                      * 1,200 ECP         120,000 ECP                            20%                        24,000 ECP

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3rd               1000                   * 1,200 ECP         1,200,000 ECP                        10%                    120,000 ECP


total                            151,200 ECP




Who are able to participate in ECP forum ?

Only paid members ( must buy min. 10$ package)

 Are we able to signupthe forum after ICO pre-sale completion?

NO.  signup is running till end of ICO pre sale phase IV ending.

  ECP CoinEx Exchange

When the forum is going to start ?

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Very soon. Just wait for the next news update.


If I am a free member .Am i able to join the ECP forum ?

No. you need to buy a package min.10$ . so you will able to participate the ECP forum .


From where you get ECP tokens to distribute ?

From market we buy the ECP tokens to distribute to our members. So in this system our members can easily sell their ECP tokens to market.  ECP CoinEx Exchange

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