Updated news about ECP coin

Updated news about ECP coin


Hello ECP members

Good day to all our valuable members

So today we will process rest withdraw request. So from tomorrow we will distribute the 3000 rewards to 5k members.

Thank you.

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ECP Coin News - distribute reward 100 members

ECP Coin News – distribute reward 100 members

Hello ECP members

Once again good morning

We already processed 50% withdraw request.so in a day or three 100% withdraw will process.

*Erc 20 wallet no. Must start ( 0x….that is zero ex……

Those people give their wallet no . Starting with (0x…) going to process…may be their wallet support ecp or not ..We do the process. Once process complete, we are not able to do anything. So kindly don’t demand back your ecp token. It’s not possible in blockchain system.

*Those people give their wallet no. Without staring with ( 0x….) , their withdraw not able to process. It’s will back to your dashboard.

Except this problem , no withdraw is reverse back.

Thank you.

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Updated: December 21, 2018 — 6:07 am

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