The Current Price TDC Token $1.45 20th phase

TDC Token $1.39 Phase 17

Here are few updates in regards to your trident TDC Token $1.39 Phase 17

TDC Price Increase Alert :

19th phase of TDC token sales is under way and we are 55 % sold out

We estimate that in next 24 hours 19th phase will be fully sold out and 20th phase will start with new price being $1.45 cents

Currently you can grab the tokens at $1.41 cents

Keep building


Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin Cash(BCH)

1) We have finished all pending refund requests for our USA customers and we wish them best of luck for their future crypto investments TDC Token $1.39 Phase 17

2) We are now in top 36,000 sites globally and growing at 3000-5000 new trident members a day

TDC Token $1.39 Phase 17

3) We are listed on multiple ICO listing websites now and more listings are in progress

4) We just sold out phase 17th of presale yesterday and phase 18 has started and is 33 % sold out already

Trident TDC Crypto

The current price of TDC token is $1.39 cents and next price will be $1.43 cents

This should happen in next 24 hours or so

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5) TDC token redemptions is only 11 days away now and excitement is building up globally

6) We are also working on launching our representative office program shortly where after producing a certain amount of business volume , you can apply for office funding from trident management and represent Trident in your respective country

7) Apart from all this we got multiple products in pipeline and you will see them shortly

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Work on trident exchange is already on and we are expecting to release in Q1-2019

Enjoy your journey with Trident – TDC Token $1.39 Phase 17

Earlier on Trident made another update regarding the expansion of Trident Coina and its sale of Token.

We at trident focus on simplicity and hence we only focus on accepting one form of payment currency that is bitcoin

You can buy bitcoins , then use those bitcoins to buy TDC coins and also whatever commissions and passive income you get inside Trident you can withdraw using bitcoins

Here is where we recommend you to get started to buy bitcoins using credit card/debit card

So Step 1 is you creating your FREE account here

Step 2 is you verifying your card information and then purchasing bitcoins

Step 3 is transferring your Bitcoins to Trident Wallet

Step 4 is purchasing your Trident Coins

For step 3 and 4 , Refer to our medium article

If you follow all the above 4 steps correctly , in next 24 hours you can be up and running with your Trident business fast

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Price of trident tokens is increasing everyday and we started the presale at $0.60 and now the current price you can already see inside your dashboard and main website….

Our early investors have already 2xed to 3xed their investments and this is just the start


Updated: June 2, 2018 — 9:01 pm

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