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Mavro Coin DDEX

Dear MAVRO Holders

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Here is a final Crypto Exchange platform for Mavro Coin MVR

With good news, Mavro finally broke the news after a month of waiting and no story about Mavro coin. If you just got to this website, you are currently on  your No1 website for Mavroupdates and everything cryptocurrency. Beforre this announcement of Mavro trade on DDEX, we wrote an extensive article that will give you a detailed guide how we have gone so far. This can be read Mavro Coin: Everything you ought to know.  This will answer a lot of pending questions you might have about Mavro coin MVR.

Mavro on DDEX

On may May 3oth 2018, Mavro announced that MAVRO Coin (MVR) will be officially listed on  (May 30 2018) at 2 pm UTC time. However, on getting to the page, it had some server issues which the Mavro Coin team are currently working on. While the Marketplace for trading Mavro Coin is setting, its important you have a clear understanding what the Platform to trade MVR Mavro Coin is all about.

What is DDEX Crypto Exchange?

DDEX is a decentralized exchange for ERC20 Tokens. Mavro Coin DDEX


Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin Cash(BCH)

DDEX let users trade via a true orderbook but does not hold anyone’s assets(and thus cannot lose them on your behalf!).The decentralized swap is powered by the 0x smart contract.

Decentralized exchanges has a poor rep of being slow and confusing to use. DDEX is as fast and simple as your favorite centralized exchange. Mavro Coin DDEX

Let’s do a quick tour to get you started trading. (est ~3min)

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Install Metamask

Metamask is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to run Ethereum apps right in your browser. It’s a popular, open source wallet that’s used by popular dApps and ICO crowdsales. Mavro Coin DDEX

Visit the MetaMask website: and follow instructions on how to install MetaMask.

Before Mavro got listed on DDEX, it had earlier gave a clue on another exchage it was listed, however on doiing our research, we can say this was not a good platform.

Mavro from Twitter 

We will be giving away 50 more MVR tokens tomorrow!! To enter, simply repost this message! Winner will be selected on tomorrow! #Contest #Sweepstakes #ICO #Token Sale #Mavro #MVR #ICO #MavroToken #MLM #WorkFromHome

Mavro Coin DDEX


Many of us most likely had problems finding a token on the EtherDelta exchange.

Initially, when you go to the exchange, you get on the PPT / ETH token, it’s not what you need.

A brief guide for found a token.


1) Click on the drop-down list

2) Scroll to the bottom

3) Select the “Other” tab

4) Fill the form

1. Address – 0x3a112d5bd99d4e9906a6aaf86dcb1891434c5ca4

2. Name (Ticker) – MVR

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3. Decimals – leave as is (18)

Mavro Coin DDEX

Updated: May 31, 2018 — 10:31 pm

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