Vote For ECP On Worlds First SemiCentralized Exchange

Vote For ECP On Worlds First SemiCentralized Exchange

GOOD NEWS!! ECP COIN GHITS 1000 VOTES ON COINEX and its ready for Listing on Exchange

Dear ECP Members,

We really appreciate all your love so far. We are working very hard to find good exchanges. Many exchanges are just greedy and ask crazy amount of money and even after we are ready to pay fees, its not guarantee that they will list our token.

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ECP token FAQ

We have really found worlds first SemiCentralized Exchange, you will get benefit of centralized exchange but fully decentralized experience. No need to verify id, Vert low transaction cost. It will help to keep your identification anonymous.

Also, every time you vote for ECP you will get 1000 free token and 1000 paid token.

Also, we have a special arrangement with them so if they do not list our token we will get our money back. This means if we don’t get listed we will return all fees paid by you to vote.

Voting will start form Tuesday.


ECP Token Source Code

We are expecting token source code and contract creation will be done by 23rd of August. We will post all contract source code on git hub.

ECP move pending token to available token

After closing door for move token option we got over 1500 tickets to reopen. So we have reopen door for move tokens but with higher price. This is very limited time offer and after 22nd August price will be 100 USD to move free token to available token.

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join now get free 1000 tokens worth over $50 after listing on exchange

Updated: August 18, 2018 — 4:44 pm


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  1. 1.Will ethereumcashpro still list on COINEX on 25th of August as promised?
    2. Why are they finding it difficult to get listed on exchanges?
    3. Why do they like to go exchanges that requires money before you can vote while other free exchange are there.

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