ECP Exchange on Link to ECP Smart Contract Source Code

ECP TO List Exchange on Link to ECP contract source code


Please note few things ECP TO List Exchange on Link to ECP Smart contract source code

>> You can vote 10 times a week at most.
>> If our ICO is not listed you will get your funds back you used for voting.
>> We believe this is good exchange as it do not need id proof and keep your identity safe and anonymous.
>> They are launching version 2.0 which is really advance and user friendly.
>> Those people who vote, they will also get free token on there upcoming ICO.


ECP token FAQ

ECP Exchange on Link to ECP contract source code

How to vote for For ECP

�#1. Create your account at Bit2Ex here (Check spam/junk folder if your login details do not arrive into inbox)
#2. Once your account is open and you are logged in, go here…
#3. After that click on “Vote” button from top right corner. (That will take you to… )
#4. Just make $9.99 USD pay with given address.
#5. Once payment is done, enter your transaction id and ECP username on given box respectively.
#6. Once the payment is confirmed. It will counted for vote and will credit 2000 Paid and 2000 Free tokens.

ECP Smart Contract Code
We are pleased to inform you that we have launched ECP smart contract code. We will share ECP Smart Contract address once we deploy this after testing.

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Link to ECP contract source code

Q. Will ECP will listed on CoinEx ?
A. We don’t know, Its will be CoinEx’s decision, we have filed all details needed and open for vote. You can continue voting.

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Q. I don’t have ether wallet what should I do ?
A. You can use to create ethereum crypto wallets. It does support ERC20 tokens. On next phase we are coming with web wallet for all ECP members.

Q. I am free member will I get monthly 5%?
A. No, Only paid members will get 5% on available token balance on back office on ECP.

Q. Why my free token are not moved to available ?
A. There are 2 main reason.
i. If you send less then $50 then it will not get credited.
ii. If you make multiple transaction to make $50.. there should be single transaction for $50

Q. Why should we vote for ECP on bit2ex ?
A. There are multiple good reasons that why you should vote for ECP on Bit2Ex.
i. It will help us to list on Bit2Ex
ii. You will get 2000 paid and 2000 free tokens.
iii. Its semi centralized exchange( no need to verify id proofs, so you identity is secure, still enjoy features of centralized exchanges )
iv. They are coming with own ICO and you will also get benefit of that.
v. Most important is, if they do not list ECP they will send all funds back. So there is nothing to loose.

Q. When ECP will have smart contract deployed?
A. We are expecting to deploy this on block chain on 25th. We are testing contract code and making improvements.

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Q. What are best way to get latest news from ECP.
A. We have huge community on telegram, Facebook and twitter. We don’t use emails due to huge customer base. So please join us on social media.

Twitter: Over 9100 Followers
Facebook: Over 13.9K Likes and over 14K Followers
Telegram: … Over 20.2K Subscribers


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  1. Bom dia gostaria de saber quando que será lançado o contrato da ECP ?

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