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 What is Mavro coin? – MAVRO COIN TRADE

­Mavrodi coin (also known as Mavrodi coin), is the latest invention in the cryptocurrency industry. The coin is a product created by Sergei Mavrodi, and it’s under MMM platform. Designed as a cryptographic-based decentralized cryptocurrency, Mavro coin has proven its strengths, having gone through a procedure of mining.

Every coin under Mavro logo is distinctively created. A huge population of users are trading the coin, enjoying its benefits that include making transactions within and outside the users’ country, to anywhere in the world.

Operators of this cryptocurrency promised a transparent transaction and the most dependable platform in the Multi Level Marketing structure that is Blockchain-based with Ethereum. Mavro coin is difficult to ruin and it holds the best solution to MLM challenges. The major problem that is domiciled in MLM is the unreliability, process of payments and lack of accountability.

Mavro Coin news

But with Mavro coin, users can be rest assured of maximum protection from unwholesome elements and external forces like the regulatory commissions and governments.

The goals of MMM is to redefine peer-to-peer system by ensuring trust with its community in order to foster transparency.

Mavro goes beyond being a token, rather it’s an invention made to set forth uncommon methods in MLM, strengthening all types of payments.

Apart from providing payments that are decentralized through blockchain channels, Mavro also offers an economy that is achievable, controls and secure a large amount of daily exchanges. In fact, Mavro is set to distort the huge MLM sector worth billions of dollars.

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How to purchase Mavro coin?

Regardless of your currency, buying Mavro is complex. Bear it in mind that you will begin your process by changing your physical cash to any cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum. Afterwards, transfer the exchanged money to the platform that you choose for your smooth transactions from either LTC, BTC or ETH to MAVRO.

By now you are set to proceed with your purchase. Follow these 10 steps carefully;

Step 1

Go to to open a personal account. Follow the instructions diligently in creating the account. If you do it well, you will earn bitcoin worth $10 when you initially buy bitcoin valued at $100.


Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin Cash(BCH)

Step 2

When you have successfully logged in, select the option ‘Settings’ on the menu, followed by the ‘Accounts’ page. Select the “Link a New Account” option and fill in all your details for payment.

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At this point, CoinBase is likely to carry out 2 minor purchases on your bank account or card. Enter your credit card or bank via online to ascertain the minor  purchases done for you by CoinBase to confirm the payment option you have chosen.

Step 3

This is the point that you are heading to, the ‘Buy/Sell’ option. Select the button and purchase your desired cryptocurrency. Fill in the exact amount you want and verify your purchase.  Importantly, the highest ranking cryptocurrencies that are globally recognized for Mavro exchanges are ethereum and bitcoin.

It’s advisable that you leave your newly acquired Mavro for sometime in your wallet and wait for its price to rise (although not certain), then you can start trading with it in any other coins or trade it in the future.

Step 4

Here, you are fully ready to transfer your coins to a platform for exchanges. Binance is a good example of Mavro exchangers. Go to for the set-up of your account for exchange.

Other available exchanges for Mavro coins are; Yobit, Cryptopia, HitBTC and Bithumb, Cex.cio and Localbitcoin.

Step 5

Input the email for your account and confirm. When you are logged in, you may create 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) to further ensure the security of your account.

At this point, it’s time to turn your cryptocurrencies bought from CoinBase to Mavro. Look for the ‘Funds’ option and select ‘Deposits’ button. Pick the purchased coin from Coinbase and wait for your personal address which will take you to the destination of your transferred coins.

Step 6

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Return to CoinBase, then send your crypto to the new account you opened for exchange. Select the ‘Accounts’ page that will show your existing balances, then send to commence.

Fill in the address for the exchange and verify the purchase. Ensure that you input the correct wallet address to avoid error. Always cross-check the address several times before finalizing your purchases.

Step 7

Return to the account for exchange and verify your balance. Wait for some minutes for it to pop up. When verification is complete, the results will come up on the Binance page. You are now closer to purchasing your Mavro.

Step 8

Return to the exchange page and enter a purchase order through the exchange to MAVRO from BTC Coin. Note that some exchanges are likely to have limits on the volume you can buy at once, therefore ensure to inquire properly before proceeding.


Step 9

Select the exchange for Mavro you wish to get and the ‘Buy/Sell’ at the lowest end of the page that will transform to MAVRO exchange. Input the precise value or your balance percentage, then hold on for your transactions to materialize.

As soon as your request is done and transaction complete, then Mavro coins will be all yours. Use a better secured wallet for safekeeping.

Step 10

Transfer it to either a hardware or software wallet. Below are the most trusted wallets endorsed by experts for keeping Mavro coins:

  1. Hardware- Trezor Ledger
  2. Software- Electrum Exodus


How to sell Mavro coin?

These 4 easy steps will help you trade your coins.

Step 1

Select the ‘drop-down’ option.

Step 2

Move your mouse downward.

Step 3

Click on the ‘Other’ page.

Step 4

Input your wallet address, followed by the ticket name ‘MVR’. At the space for decimal, enter ’18’.

Risks involved in Mavro Coin investment

Mavro resource has a new edition out which had gone through a restart two times, yet the Mavro scheme publicly requests for Bitcoin and Ethereum as means of exchange for the same failed project under the watchful eye of Sergei Mavrodi.

The late pyramid expert introduced BitConnect scheme, a program done sometimes ago. BitConnect has the tendency to crash but the administrators are testing some approaches to avoid that, whereas Mavro Coin is likely to resist all efforts to prevent the failure. On Mavro Coin site is the MMM logo. Users are promised to earn 100% profits every month, a typical ponzi scheme method of taking from the community members.

Mavro is making use of tokens in the pyramid program because of a possible scrutiny from the government. Meanwhile, the value of Mavro tokens cannot be compared to Bitcoins, which is the medium of exchange. In the end, Mavrodi would have raked in excessive Bitcoins into his pocket while giving out worthless Mavros in return, although he declared Bitcoin a crashed cryptocurrency while Mavro is the latest treasure. Hundred of thousands valuable Bitcoins and Ethereums will be lost in the ICO.

Many MLM projects are including cryptocurrencies in their schemes, spicing them up with intensive promotions all in a bid to acquire wealth easily. Mavro ICO site is not an exception, riddled with stealthy humorous history. The MLM website has a flaunting anti-capitalism tirades.

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For your safety, don’t invest in Mavro coin because there were two editions in the past, yet even the best among them turned out to be a scam, leaving behind a worthless digital cash.

In the same vein, this new project is probably towing the same line, so not even a single Satoshi is worth it. The so-called tokens are possibly another worst cruel fraud, beyond BitConnect. The structure has a higher potentials to crash because it has the characteristics of trial and error, trading useful cryptocurrencies for something totally useless.

Past records already showed Sergei Mavrodi as someone who didn’t possess viability for creating long-lasting pyramid schemes, since countless MLM projects from his table had crashed. Be careful not to fall for the Mavro token hype, else you might regret it.

MLM is risky. If you need extra money-making ventures, find alternatives in the large choices of traditional trading, such as the cost-effective index businesses. It’s even wiser. Also, you can put your dime on stock trading because it’s less insecure than cryptocurrency market.

The best advice to follow if you sincerely wish to  invest in cryptocurrency business, particularly altcoins, is to investigate thoroughly before jumping into the pool. Find out sufficient information about the owner(s), patiently read the companies’ white paper. Invest wisely and miserly, don’t put in a huge sum that would hurt you most if it gets lost. But one sure escape from failure is to run away from MLM crypto programs that require referring new users before earning.

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Begin a tangible business online by designing a website for affiliate programs. Blogging is another good alternative. Become an affiliate marketer and make trustworthy, hitch-free and dependable income from sales.

Where to buy/sell Mavro coin in Nigeria?

Nigerians can follow the above steps to purchase/sell their Mavro coins in Nigeria from the only merchant in the country, Crypto Fx Rates.

To buy Mavro coin from this merchant, you can get him on 08169561788 (text or whatsapp).

Foreign clients should send their email addresses as a message to  +1(612)444-6070. They will get a reply as soon as possible.

Accepted means of payments from foreign buyers are Paypal via and Payoneer via


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