Trident Exchange Rate: Sold $1.36 Phase 16

Trident Exchange Rate

TDC token is $1.31 it will traded  against BTC by next year

without even leaving your Trident Backoffice

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Sneak Peek Into Trident Exchange

Along with this we are also working on many other innovative products for the trident ecosystem so that TDC tokens become more and more valuable with every passing day

Another step in corporate marketing and branding efforts to spread the word

about trident globally in every corner of the world

Between yesterday and today we have completely sold out phase 15 and phase 16 is also now 87 % sold

Current price of TDC token is $1.31 and next price would be $1.36

Our early investors have doubled their investments already and we can foresee all the phases selling out in next few months

So sooner you grab your TDC coins , more profits you can make

Trident TDC Crypto

We have already entered into phase 16th now and price per TDC token is $1.31 and will soon be $1.36 as Phase 16 is also approximately 50 % sold out

Exciting future ahead for everyone involved here

Note: Our team is working 24/7 on requests for refunds from our USA customers as we have decided to permanently detach ourselves from USA/Canada markets because of regulatory uncertainty … Covesting Coin GDPR

Refund processing is a tedious task as it involves a reversal of affiliate commissions and deduction of binary volume from the entire tree and takes lots of tech work and we are hopeful of completing all requests in this coming week

Team Trident –

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Bitrefill GDPR Updates

Updated: May 27, 2018 — 5:16 am

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