Trade Ecp/USD 0.004 $ Ecp/Btc

Trade Ecp/USD 0.0004 $ Ecp/Btc

Hello ECP members

As you see in exchange there is three ECP exchange

1.BTC base – pair is Ecp/Btc…not start now once the price will be 0.01$ .on that time we will launch in btc pair.


ECP exchange

ECP exchange

We give you notice. Bit2ex

2. Now we only start trading in USDT base market..our pair is Ecp/Usdt – 0.0001 $

Members are already giving their selling orders.

We think buyers are also prepared to buy ecp token. ECP Live On Bit2Ex Exchange

Thanks Trade Ecp/USD 0.0004 $ Ecp/Btc

Hello ECP members

Very good morning. It’s very happy to say that ecp/btc trade start. From now all members are able to trade on ecp/btc & ecp/usd pairs.

Thanks to our members who desperate to do trade on exchange, their server was crash. But now they update themselves .

Thank you. Ethereumcashpro ECP coin listed

Ethereumcashpro want to share some things 

1. For kyc pass in an exchange must upload image between 30kb. Trade Ecp/USD 0.004 $ Ecp/Btc

2. Verification email issue, they going to solve in a day or two , so after an update , every member get their verification mail in minutes.

3. They going to update their server in a day or two, so its take huge traffic pressure.

Thank you. Trade Ecp/USD 0.004 $ Ecp/Btc

Hello ECP members

Very good morning. It’s very happy to say that -After get a particular daily base volume ,we will go to add on coin market capital.

We already processed 50% withdraw in a day or three 100% withdraw will process.

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Thank you.

Updated: December 19, 2018 — 4:34 am

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