Top ECP Coin Traders Nigeria India Russia Malaysia Brazil

Top ECP Coin Traders Nigeria India Russia Malaysia Brazil

Hello ECP members

Thanks to our those members who still support us by heart and mind. Also for those members for their rock stand by any situation to support ecp. Top ECP Coin Traders

Withdraw only use ecp token wallet

move ecp free tokens

move ecp free tokens

The exchange name –

Activation mail will take little time to receive.
For KYC need…one official ID document
One self-picture with your official ID

From tomorrow we start the trading. Top ECP Coin Traders Finally Ethereumcashpro ECP goes live in exchange for trading

We heartily sorry for pain fill irritate. cause it takes 9 months to deliver in exchange.

But now we are in right path. Thanks is a small word, we have no words for your support. Many members are coming for help.may be they are from Nigeria, India, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil etc..from every country there has exchange.

We have a big family. We must deliver and shot those mouth ..who criticise ecp and our member as scammer. One day those are thankful to our leader, who introduce ecp to them.

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Withdraw process already starting…this time we strictly follow one wallet one withdraw.

If any member do this .we are going to freeze the account\ Top ECP Coin Traders

ECP Coin not able to withdraw due to wrong wallet

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We also publish those members name..who withdraw from different id with one wallet.

Now we strictly block those members who do this intentionally to dump ecp token.

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Hello ECP members

Many members request for not to freez we are not freezing their account and also processing those withdraw.

All available tokens withdrawable. Now no withdraw lock .
May be it’s take some time to process withdraw. ECP publish the exchange Thursday 6th December 2018


Updated: December 19, 2018 — 4:01 am

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