May 2018

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Trident TDC Crypto

Trident Coin Listing Breaking News: Trident coin TDC Has been listed on a cryptocurrency exchange platform called ICO Trident Coin Listing This announcement was made by TDC team shortly. Now, what this means is that you can begin to monitor the progress of the Trident Coin as the ICO continues gradually. Never forget TDC Coin will be out for sale

Pecunio Coin official Logo

PECUNIO COIN Here is the update page on PECUNIO COIN New Updates from PECUNIO Coin: PECUNIO and Multiversum signed a strategic investment partnership to foster synergies and combine the innovational power of both companies. Multiversum is a one of its kind blockchain ecosystem providing unmatched security standards and scalability. Here are the key facts of the project that creates the blockchain 4.0: RELATIONAL BLOCKCHAIN A brand


IMPORTANT BTC UPDATE #BTC Possible Scenarios From Both Technical and Fundamental Analysis Technical Side:-  BTC UPDATE As You Guys Know that BTC Bouncing Off from 8000 Support. However Keep in Mind If this Strong Support Breaks at 7800 Then We Don’t Have Much of a Strong Support Till 7000-6500 Zone But We Dont Think #BTC Will Be Breaking 7800-8000 Support

Mavro Coin news

How to Sale Mavro Coins MVR Where and How to sale your Mavro MVR Coins Mavro Coin ICO Has ended, a lot of you guys must be asking what will be up next. Yes the ICO Has ended, and this ended on a good note, Mavro MVR MLM SYSTEM THAT IS TRUSTED GLOBALLY Welcome to the first decentralized and absolutely